June 5-7, 2018 | Anaheim Convention Center | Anaheim, CA



New Product: Verity Construction Verification Software

ClearEdge3D Launches Verity Construction Verification Software
It’s estimated that up to 12% of a construction project budget is consumed by mistakes and rework. New software called Verity™ (from the makers of EdgeWise™) dramatically reduces this financial impact, resulting in reduced risk, more profitable construction projects, more accurate as-builts, and fewer schedule delays.

Verity compares point clouds against design & fabrication models, allowing contractors to verify 100% of their work in the time it currently takes to spot check 5%. The software helps firms find construction mistakes before they become expensive problems.

Understand what work has been installed and if it’s been built correctly
Most GCs use a total station to spot check anywhere from 5% to 10% of a subcontractor’s work. This is a wholly inadequate workflow for today’s complex projects and invariably misses key mistakes, which lead to downstream clashes, schedule delays and cost overruns. Verity gives firms a complete record of a sub’s work so they can validate that it was installed to specifications.

Armed with the knowledge about what is installed, what is out of tolerance, and what the downstream impact of any mistakes will be; contractors can make informed decisions to either fix errors in the field, or update models and shop drawings and re-coordinate using the Verity data.
Clash detect the as-built in Autodesk Navisworks using the Verity data
Because Verity knows the as-built location of the coordinated objects, the software can push those locations back to Navisworks so firms can perform clash detection on the as-built position of any element. This way contractors will know if an installation mistake is going to cause conflicts with other work yet to be installed.

Communicate findings to all stakeholders
Verity has a robust report generator that clearly communicates out-of-tolerance data along with screen shots, annotations, heat maps, and much more. Reports can be output in HTML or PDF and distributed to all stakeholders.

Come see the ClearEdge3D folks in booth #523 for a demonstration of this powerful new tool.

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