June 5-7, 2018 | Anaheim Convention Center | Anaheim, CA



New Products: LASirisVR & iris360 Pro

NCTech are long known for being leaders in the field of 360 imaging for professional applications such as survey, construction and forensics. Our original product, iSTAR, provides HDR image capture for standalone use and has also become the de facto external HDR camera for 3 rd party terrestrial laser scanners, providing HDR 360 imaging in around 20 seconds capture time.
NEW for SPAR 3D 2017
NCTech have announced several new developments that will be first shown to the AEC and GIS communities this SPAR 3D 2017…
LASiris VR: A ‘push-button’ reality capture device providing HDR 360 imaging seamlessly blended with 100 meter range LIDAR 3D point cloud capture. All for $13,000 and with our usual no strings attached approach to neutral data formats and integrated connectivity to 3rd party software platforms.
iris360 Pro: An updated and enhanced version of our original iris360 camera which was developed at the request of Google for their Street View Trusted program. The new iris360 pro sees output resolution increase to 90 megapixel, that is over 280% increase in you ability to capture your site detail in full 360 degree view. iris360 Pro will also be usable with our high precision ColourCloud and Measurement Module applications.

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