June 5-7, 2018 | Anaheim Convention Center | Anaheim, CA



Join us at the Intersection of Technology and Infrastructure – the crossroads where Topcon provides professionals with the advantage and knowledge to be at the forefront of technology innovation to increase productivity and profitability.

Talk with UAV, Scanning and BIM experts while viewing sample datasets and discovering robust hardware and software functionalities that improve your workflows. Ask questions about improving current processes, or how best to adopt positioning technology to increase your bottom line. Our experts have field experience with users in many different application areas and are ready to assist.

Mobilize the Sirius UAS with a simple hand launch and fly in any weather condition. Save time by eliminating the need to set GCPs with the Sirius PRO- taking advantage of GNSS RTK. Configurable for inspection or surveying, the Intel Falcon 8+ rotary wing UAS utilizes the “Trinity” triple redundant IMU flight controller for optimized flights trajectories and stability.

Create 3D reality meshes, point clouds, DEMS and orthophotos for projects of any scale using the new Topcon ContextCapture software, powered by Bentley. Its power, flexibility and scalability turn simple photographs from our UAVs into true-to-life, highly detailed 3D models quickly and with precision.

The IP-S3 is a compact, fully integrated 3D laser and digital imagery mobile mapping system offering high precision, high density point clouds combined with high resolution panoramas.

The GLS-2000 is a high-speed 3D laser scanner that is compact, user-friendly and cable free — simplifying projects and providing big performance.

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