Beyond BIM, Easily Create QA/QC Deliverables During Construction

Previously Recorded on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

As laser scanners become standard gear on job sites, builders and surveyors are looking for ways to leverage the technology during the actual construction process, not just preconstruction.  Speed and accurate information are critical once construction begins, and processing scans into information that can be used to make decisions has not always been fast or easy.  In this webinar, three technical workflows will be revealed that can help laser scanning customers maximize the value they are getting from the technology.  Users will learn how to quickly produce inspection reports to help the field crew make decisions about how to fix or work around issues by monitoring the concrete and steel as the project progresses.


Matthew Daly

Matthew Daly, Regional Manager at FARO Technologies

Philip Lorenzo

Philip Lorenzo, Director of Software Development at Rithm – Makers of Laser Scanning Software for Construction


Sean Higgins

Sean Higgins, Editor, SPAR 3D

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