Orbit GT Announces Comprehensive 3D Mapping Cloud Service


At SPAR 3D 2017, Orbit GT launched 3D Mapping Cloud, a software as a service (or SaaS) based 3D mapping and 3D data solution. In addition to putting Orbit GT’s range of mapping solutions on the cloud, this new solution adds a full set of tools for fusing, analyzing, sharing, integrating and selling 3D mapping data.

Here is a quick overview of the new features.

Fuse 3D Data

Orbit GT’s new 3D Mapping Cloud web-based platform enables users to upload all types of imagery and point cloud data. It supports very high volumes data captured from mobile, UAS, oblique, indoor, and terrestrial sensors, as well as traditional GIS and CAD information.

3D Mapping Cloud has been designed to fuse all these data sets. For instance, a user can access imagery, point clouds, and metadata through a single resource.

Analyze and View 3D Data

3D Mapping Cloud offers a range of analysis tools ported over from Orbit GT’s line of solutions for indoor, mobile, UAV, and terrestrial mapping. It offers options for a number of views that enable easier examination of data, including point cloud, spherical image, planar image, isometric, 2D ortho, and stereo views. It also includes an option for combining 2D and 3D data sets on the fly, and publish these setups as a portal.

Organize and Share 3D Data

3D Mapping Cloud catalogues this data and supplies a number of options for sharing with other users. For instance, administrators can grant access to individuals or groups. It also includes tools for sharing with third-party users on a case-by-case basis, like consultants and customers.

Integrate and Sell Data

Notably, the software also enables integration of the 3D data. Orbit GT supplies a free SDK that lets users take the data they have hosted on the cloud and bring into other applications or embedding it in a website. The company says this feature should help users to bring the 3D data hosted on 3D mapping cloud into their workflow, and their customers’ workflows, in a more holistic way.

3D Mapping Cloud also offers a free marketplace for selling and buying data, which can help contractors to get extra value from the 3D mapping services they perform.


Orbit GT is offering packages for as low as $0.06 per GB of data stored. Access licenses will start at $7 per user.


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