Sam Billingsley

"Confessions of a Hired Gun" is just that, the true tales spun by a guy who's been in the field, scanning for a living, as long as anyone in the industry. What works and what doesn't work? What does the client want and what should the client want? This is a place where you'll find advice and commiseration if you're in the scanning business, and a place where you can learn about best practices and what to expect from your scanning provider if you're an engineering firm or asset owner/operator.

Sean Higgins is the former Managing Editor of and the SPAR 3D weekly newsletter, which continues to highlight relevant news and information for 3D-scanning professionals. Sean continues to work in the industry, and may sometimes be spotted in attendance at SPAR 3D Expo & Conference. 

John Russo

John M. Russo, AIA, is an architect, technologist and entrepreneur with more than 30 years of professional experience. He founded Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC), a firm that has specialized in providing outsourced architectural services to the architectural, engineering, construction and facilities management communities since 1997. In 2011, ARC was selected amongst its peers to develop GSA’s Laser Scanning QA/QC Process for the Office of Design and Construction in which Mr. Russo played a pivotal role.

Kenneth Smerz

In an attempt to shine light on the rather significant question that service providers throughout the U.S. have struggled with, I’ll be authoring a series of articles that address some challenges service providers face and hopefully offer some constructive advice gleaned through my work running Precision3D Scanning. I want to emphasize that my opinions are just that—and nothing makes me more qualified than anyone else trying to earn a living in an emerging marketplace. I encourage your feedback.

Jan Van Sickle

Jan Van Sickle is President of Van Sickle LLC and currently teaches at Penn State and the University of Colorado. He supervised control work using the first commercial GPS receiver, led the team that produced control positions for more than 120 cities around the world, and assisted in the first GPS survey of the Grand Canyon. Jan was also involved in the BIM of the White House and gave technical assistance in the reconstruction of the geodetic network of Nigeria.

William Tompkinson

While technology providers continue to strive to provide tools that are faster, lighter, higher, this blog aims to look at what the implications might be on the value of a firm's solutions.

Eric van Rees

Eric van Rees is a freelance writer and editor. His specialty is GIS technology. He has more than nine years of proven expertise in editing, writing and interviewing as editor and editor-in-chief for the international geospatial publication GeoInformatics, as well as GIS Magazine and CAD Magazine, both published in Dutch. Currently, he writes about geospatial technology, programming and web development for various clients, publications and blogs.

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