Guest Blogs

Guest Blogs
Why robots are a step towards always up-to-date spatial data
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The reality capture industry is about to go through another major change, and once again SLAM-based mobile mapping will play a huge role. It took years of research and development to bring accuracy to the level of millimeters and make it a standard “tool in the belt” for industry professionals. While SLAM-based mapping can cut the time and effort to update a building or site’s spatial information by a factor of 10, some of our largest customers have pushed us even further.

Guest Blogs
Artec Eva helps preserve ancient Maya cultural heritage for the British Museum Google Maya Project
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The British Museum needed a faster, more flexible method than traditional photogrammetry to digitally capture more than 400 ancient Maya casts for the Google Maya Project, and so they chose Artec Eva, a high-resolution color 3D scanner. Their ambitious goal – for a 2-person team to be able to 3D scan hundreds of medium and large casts of Maya monuments in a crowded warehouse, and transform those scans into lifelike 3D models for cultural heritage, research, and educational uses.

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