June 3-5, 2020 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

2019 Conference Program


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Day 1
Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Day 2
Wednesday, May 22, 2019
Day 3
Thursday, May 23, 2019

Advances from Universities

  • Digital Construction of Concrete: An Ongoing Exploration on Design and Development of Printable Mixture and Printing Process
  • Challenging Constructions with Additive Manufacturing
  • Results of An AEC Supply Chain Optimization Study: Supporting A PrefaBIM Process
  • Faster building permits and inspections? Try software for self-certification
  • Visualization and Virtual Reality Implementation on Complex Transportation Projects
  • A-B-C [Artificial Intelligence, BIM, Computer Vision] for Proactive Project Controls: A Research to Practice Journey
Roberto Naboni
Maryam Hojati
John Cribbs
Mark Clayton
Mani Golparvar
Nabeel Khwaja
Cameron Schmeits

Preparing for Change: Beyond BIM to Digital Twin, Machine Learning & AI

  • Predictive Fabrication
  • Tour the Digital Twin
  • Implementing Transformative AECO Processes
Matthew Craig
Jay Zallan
Ken Flannigan

Way Beyond BIM

Jay Zallan
Cody Nowak

Fundamentals of 3D Technologies: Selecting 3D Technologies for Reality Capture

Matthew Craig
Laura Minchk
Eddie Fossler
Mike Ferrera
Douglas Pritchard

AR/VR Applied: Integrating with Drones, BIM, 3D Printing…and Some Unanticipated Benefits

  • Design, Construction, Facilities Management, and Occupant Safety
  • BIM, VR, 3D printing
  • Drone Mapping and VR for BIM Enhancement
Josh Holmes
Thomas Freed
Ryan Shults
Amr Raafat

Fundamentals of 3D Technologies: CAD, GIS, BIM – Where Are We Headed?

Kourosh Langari
Larry Kleinkemper
Mike Ferrera
Jay Zallan

Integrating 3D Technologies & Making the Data Useful Across the Enterprise

  • Mapping a Massive Million Square Foot facility in Two Days Using LiDAR and Photogrammetry
  • High-Accuracy GNSS for Non-Surveyors at Oregon DOT
  • Surveying into the Next Dimension: Combining 3D Reality Capture with Legacy Land Surveying Methods
Chris Pucci
Rehan Amin
Laura Minchk
Eddie Fossler

Industrial Facilities: 3D Technologies Applied

  • Harris Geospatial Applies Advanced Data Management, Deep Learning to Help utilities Derive Actionable Intelligence from Remotely Sensed Data
  • Maximize the Use of Drones, Photogrammetry and Reality Modeling to Visualize the Current State and Condition of Industrial Facilities
jeffrey mckissick
Jim Yanosick

Integrating Smart Materials & Intelligent Technology for Construction

  • Advancing Construction Prefabrication with 3D Laser Projection Technology
  • Force Multipliers: Moving Beyond the Supply Chain
  • Reaching New Heights: Mass Timber Innovations
Josh Lobel
Maria Laguarda-Mallo, PhD
Keegan Kirkpatrick

USIBD Meet-up

John Russo

Latest & What’s Ahead in Autonomy and Robotics

Barry Behnken
Rene Morkos
Ray Mandli
Philip Lorenzo
Kevin Dowling
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