June 3-5, 2020 | McCormick Place | Chicago, IL

KAARTA Workshop

The State of the Art of Mobile Scanning: A Fast Track from Scan to Accurate Model

Can you really have both speed and accuracy?

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 | 9:00AM– 11:00AM Pacific Time | Room 256B

Mobile scanning is a promising technology for capturing and modeling indoor – and outdoor – spaces. If you’re familiar with mobile scanning, you probably know the speed advantage it has over tripod-based scanners. And you probably also understand that it allows a flexibility to capture tight and complex spaces where no tripod or cart can go.

But what about accuracy? Not just the accuracy in a single room, but accuracy over distance and from one room to another? What is the workflow to turn the massive point cloud data produced into usable information that can be easily modeled?

Kaarta is excited to share some recent advances that we think will knock your socks off. Since launching Contour™ at SPAR 3D 2017, we’ve added many new enhancements that make the capture of data easier, more intuitive, more selective, and with much higher fidelity than both earlier versions of Contour and other mobile scanners on the market. 

Plus, there’s a lot more to mobile scanning than freeing you from the tripod. Kaarta’s advances in localization and real-time and on-board processing rapidly and accurately turn the captured data into information that can be used to speed the modeling workflow. 

Attend this workshop and spend a little quality time getting a close look at the state of the art of mobile scanning. While here, have some cake. And eat it too!

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