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Ralph Rio of ARC Advisory Group and Dave Truch of BP International to Deliver Keynotes at SPAR International 2015

Ralph Rio, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group and Dave Truch, Technology Director, CTO at BP International Limited, will deliver Keynotes at SPAR International 2015. The 12th annual Conference & Exhibition on 3D Technologies for Asset Actualization will take place March 30 – April 2, 2015 in Houston. “These keynotes complement each other perfectly,” said Linda McLaughlin, Conference Program Manager for SPAR International. “The first, by Ralph Rio, will report the state of the 3D data capture and imaging market and predictions for growth that attendees need to make informed decisions about the future. Dave Truch’s keynote examines the technologies BP is using to create virtual facilities that can actually operate assets in the future, enabling planning according to future needs.”

In his Keynote “Global 3D Market Trends” Mr. Rio will explore insights from in-depth market research on the state of the 3D market including an assessment of current conditions and associated market dynamics. It will include market size and forecast for the overall market and its major segments. Emerging and future new technologies will be addressed with an appraisal of their impact. This presentation will provide those involved in the supply, application and management of 3D scanning equipment critical insights for managing their business.

In the Keynote “Creating Virtual Facilities to Do Real Work” Mr. Truch will describe how BP Alaska decided to “digitize” their North Slope operations, with a vision to plan in the digital world first, before working in the physical facility. When completed, Engineering Operations, Corrosion Inspection, Reliability & Maintenance, and Projects will all plan work in virtual facilities before taking action in the physical facility. The value comes from more efficient planning, reduced travel, and safer operations.

The SPAR International conference program will feature presentations from more than 90 experts in data capture, point cloud processing and delivery, who will share best practices for using 3D technologies to improve processes, produce spot-on deliverables, and save time and money.

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