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Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer for Visual Law - Visual Law Group


Mark Johnson is co-founder and Chief Creative Officer for Visual Law Group in San Jose, California. The company specializes in forensic analysis and reconstruction of crime scenes, visualization of disaster cases and the reenactment of various structural and other engineering failures. Before embarking on his present career, Mr. Johnson practiced for 14 years as a trial lawyer handling catastrophic injury claims. Since 1993 he has established himself as a prominent forensic animator working on a number of significant cases that have included airline disasters, high profile murder trials and toxic spill catastrophes. For the past two decades Mr. Johnson has worked extensively with aerial imaging for various forensic projects by commissioning both fixed wing and helicopter missions to acquire high resolution plates. In 2009 he built an experimental multi-rotor using a Mikrokopter flight controller and a gear-driven camera gimbal to be able to obtain higher resolution low-altitude photographs and videos. Since then his company has assembled a small fleet of drones that range from heavy-lift octocopters to small custom foldable quadcopters carried in backpacks for remote missions. Also in 2009 Mr. Johnson began working with a variety of photogrammetry applications as part of the process of building scale 3D objects and scenes. Thus, it was a natural progression for him to become an early proponent of using drone-based imaging systems to acquire datasets for 3D mapping. Today Mr. Johnson works closely with a number of software developers and industry teams to adapt and adopt drone-based mapping for forensic and engineering firms. He has extensive experience in the field with a wide variety of drones, cameras and photogrammetric systems. He also works almost daily with massive point clouds using several software tools to convert and edit the data sets into usable 3D meshes as well as the generation of high resolution ortho-imagery. More information may be found on Mr. Johnson’s websites as follows:

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