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Michael Decker

Michael Decker

Director, Center for Virtualization and Applied Spatial Technologies - University of South Florida


Dr. Michael Decker is Maroulis Professor of Byzantine History and Orthodox Religion at the University of South Florida and Chair of the Department of History. He earned his DPhil from the Faculty of Modern History at Oxford University. Dr. Decker arrived at USF in 2004 following Andrew Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship at Rice University. He is the recipient of an Overseas Research Student Award at Oxford and a Fulbright Multi-Country Research Award while at USF. His interest in digital scholarship extends to his days at Oxford University when he helped to digitize and create an online database of the archives of prominent Ukranian-French archaeologist Georges Tchalenko. At Rice University he worked in the Computer and Information Technology Institute to establish a repository of georeferenced texts of 17th-19th century travelers to the Middle East. His scholarly production includes monographs with Oxford University Press and the award-winning The Byzantine Art of War.

Dr. Decker’s research interests include the medieval Mediterranean and Anatolia, specifically the social, environmental, and economic history as well as the material culture of the East Roman Empire. His current research includes work on landscape and culture of the East Roman Empire during the seventh-ninth centuries C.E., the Medieval Coinage and Economy Project Database, and is editor of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Byzantine Archaeology. His past fieldwork includes field survey and excavation in Syria and Jordan. He currently works with Dr. Tanasi on the Realmonte Roman villa excavation in Sicily, as well as CVAST projects in Sicily and La Mancha, Spain.

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