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Michael Twohig

Michael Twohig

Subsurface Mapping Consultant - Infrastructure Mapping Services


Mr. Twohig has provided professional utility locating, utility mapping, Utility Damage Prevention and industry safety awareness programs for over 34 years. Over the past 3 decades Mr. Twohig has worked as a consultant on utility mapping projects throughout the United States, Ireland and Australia. He has completed thousands of major utility mapping surveys for some of the United States largest infrastructure projects providing utility locating, subsurface utility mapping, 3 D laser scanning, vacuum excavation, Utility Damage Prevention programs, Risk Management services, GIS database development, owners site supervisor, Legal Expert, Mentor and trainer, Health and Safety Program officer and as a professional project consultant. Mr. Twohig projects include every aspect of survey, design and construction and he has implemented safe and cost effective programs for medium and heavy construction works throughout the United States, Australia, India and in Europe.
Mr. Twohig's diverse experience includes large public works and high-rise construction services; mapping services for higher education, medical facilities, power plants, airports and seaports; heavy industrial and manufacturing facilities; private development projects, financial, communication, land development, amusements parks, tunnels, bridge and rail construction; and numerous Department of Defense projects.
Over the past three decades, Mr. Twohig has been involved with the integration of many utility-locating and 3D visualization technologies including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), electromagnetic (EM), non-destructive vacuum excavation systems, Lidar and Thermal imaging systems. Mr. Twohig intimate knowledge of utility infrastructure construction techniques in conjunction with decades of on-site experience has brought many utility locating manufactures to work with Mr. Twohig to assist with the development and review of new products. As a result, Mr. Twohig can more clearly define a prudent project

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