Arvizio’s AR now visualizes DotProduct point clouds in AR


Back in August, mixed-reality software vendor Arvizio told SPAR 3D that it was developing its MR Studio platform to visualize dense point clouds for users in engineering, mining, and construction applications.

Since Arvizio promised its new algorithms could render billions of points on a HoloLens without lag, it was only a matter of time before we saw it integrated with other popular industry tools. That day has come: Arvizio announced this week that it will visualize DotProduct point clouds in its mixed-reality platform.

That means Arvizio’s MR Studio Director program can process DotProduct’s highly compressed binary data and automatically prepare it for visualization in mixed reality.

As Jonathan Reeves, CEO at Arvizio explained in an official statement, ”architects, engineers and other industry professionals need high quality 3D scan data to collaborate interactively. Professionals utilizing DotProduct’s scanners can now employ Arvizio mixed reality solutions to visualize DP point cloud scans in 3D and at full scale allowing team members and stakeholders to collaborate in a new, highly efficient ways.”

For more information, see arvizio’s website here.



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