Mantis Vision gets its 3D sensors in Xioami smartphones, produces holographic keynotes, and much more


At my first SPAR conference, SPAR Europe in 2014, Mantis Vision’s Shabtay Negry gave a keynote arguing that we would soon see the rise of a new kind of 3D professional—one who had access to low-cost 3D capture tools and used them for purposes we hadn’t yet predicted. Given what Mantis Vision had on display at this year’s SPAR in Anaheim, it looks like Negry’s prediction might have been conservative.

When I caught up with Negry, we discussed the recent news that Mantis 3D structured-light sensors will be integrated into the Mi8, the flagship smartphone from Chinese electronics company Xiomi. As Negry explained, this will allow face scanning and recognition for secure ePayment features, as well as augmented reality applications.

Negry also showed us how Mantis is also using its technology for security applications, and even to produce holographic keynotes. Watch on below to see how far 3D scanning has come.



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