FARO updates SCENE for 2018 with faster performance, better VR


FARO has announced the 2018 version of its processing and visualization solution for FARO’s Focus line of scanners. The company explains that this platform has been developed with an eye toward optimizing “the entire AEC construction lifecycle,” or what FARO calls “traceable construction.”

The software includes a new feature called Laser-HDR that uses a proprietary process to “intelligently” combine a laser scan image and a photograph. FARO promises that the results improve on conventional multi-exposure HDR techniques, cutting down on scan time by 5X and reducing data volume to 150 MB per scan.

Notably, the feature is compatible with “all generations” of FARO Focus laser scanners, meaning that the functionality is available even to users who don’t own a laser scanner equipped for HDR by default.

SCENE 2018 enables owners of FARO S150 and S350 scanners to capture a scan in reduced resolution, then recapture defined areas in higher resolution without moving the scanner. This speeds up scans by 1.5X when compared to performing continuous high-resolution scans.

Other features include a fully automated scan-registration workflow in the software, the ability to export full-resolution color images independent of the laser scan, and performance upgrades that allow users to open scan projects in half the time, and export 75% faster.

Lastly, a welcome update, as FARO promises VR compatibility with Microsoft’s line of mixed-reality headsets, and more natural VR experience “with significantly fewer instances of motion sickness based on rigorous user testing.”

For more information, see FARO’s website.


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    Sadly, the export improvement is only true for Webshare Cloud, as the official release note says. Exporting other pointcloud formats e.g PTS is not faster at all.

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      Sean Higgins, SPAR 3D Editor on

      Here is the official language, in case anyone else is curious: “Scan projects can be exported up to 75% faster to be shared more efficiently with project stakeholders via the FARO WebShare Cloud and SCENE 2go platforms.:

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