Innoviz to Release Aftermarket Solid State Automotive Lidar


Innoviz Technologies has announced two new solid-state lidar solutions: the automotive-grade InnovizPro and the after-market InnovizOne.

Both InnovizOne and InnovizPro offer high-definition intelligent 3D sensing and an accurate, reliable scan of a vehicle’s surroundings. Since the sensors are solid state, they include no mechanical moving parts, and this enables Innoviz to offer a smaller product footprint at mass-market prices. The devices also use Innoviz’s proprietary technology, MEMS, and detector design, which enables them to adapt to different environments, such as low light at nighttime, bright sunlight, and varying weather conditions.

The InnovizOne automotive grade lidar features a detection range of 200 m, FOV of 100ºx25º, and depth accuracy of less than 2 cm. It offers spatial resolution of 0.1ºx0.1º, with a 3D video resolution of 6 m per pixel, all running at 25 frames per second.

Though Innoviz has not yet released technical details for the InnovizPro sensor, CEO and co-founder Omer Keilaf explained that the “InnovizPro is designed as an aftermarket lidar. Realizing that our current design can deliver better performance at a significantly lower price and serve shared mobility companies, R&D companies engaged in the development of autonomous driving technologies, Tier 1s and OEM’s, we decided to take our current design to mass production. Simultaneously we are continuously working on the development of our automotive grade lidar, InnovizOne.“

To mass-produce its products, Innoviz partnered with product solutions company Jabil. Jabil provided comprehensive electronics design, production, and product management services. The company will also help Innoviz releasing their technologies for field production purposes.

“We teamed up with Jabil,” Keilaf added, “because of their recent investments in technology that enable autonomous driving for all types of vehicles. We are leveraging the engineering excellence of their optics team, together with their automotive expertise, to support our new product introduction efforts at their newest facility in Haifa, Israel.”

Innoviz aims for levels 3-5 of autonomous driving with its InnovizOne product, and expects to release it by Q1 2019.

The InnovizPro releases in Q1 2018, and though pricing for this product is not yet released, Keilaf said it will start at a few hundred dollars. As volumes increase, Keilaf says prices will go down.



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