Pointfuse now integrates with BIM 360 to “unlock” as-built data and 4D BIM


Pointfuse software, which converts point clouds into mesh models, has received a number of updates in the past few years. As of the latest release, the software had sped up processing significantly, hit a 75% reduction of model size compared to point clouds, and introduced a bunch of new editing tools. Now, the company is integrating it’s software with Autodesk’s BIM 360.

The integration will enable users to incorporate as-built models derived from 3D scanning solutions into their Autodesk BIM workflows.

Senior director of construction business strategy at Autodesk Sarah Hodges explains that when this as-built data is brought into BIM 360, users can undertake easy comparisons to the original design and put all the project data in a single platform.

The two companies say the integration will enable easier 4D BIM workflows, which use as-built data to determine up-to-date scheduling, costings, changes and identification of potential clashes. This last point is particularly important, says Jon Boyce, CEO of Pointfuse, since “industry-wide, it is estimated that each identified clash could save up to $15,000 on a large-scale project.”

Pointfuse will be exhibiting this development in Anaheim on the co-located show floor of SPAR 3D and AEC Next.


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