What is Paracosm’s SLAM-based handheld lidar doing at a wide-area mapping show?


When you walk the show floor at ILMF, you’ll run across booth after booth showing off the latest, most cutting-edge wide-area mapping solutions. However, among the photogrammetry software; high-altitude and high-density lidar scanners; and automobile-based systems both large and small, you’ll also come across Paracosm’s PX-80 scanner.

This handheld system uses a proprietary SLAM algorithm, a full complement of sensors, and a Velodyne puck lidar scanner to capture 3D data quickly, easily, and affordably across a wide variety of applications—some you’ve probably never even thought of before.

So it’s clear that the PX-80 is capable. But what is it doing at ILMF? I caught up with Paracosm president Amir Rubin to find out more.


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