3D Repo launches 4D VR models for design and construction


3D Repo, a cloud-based SaaS for BIM collaboration, has had a busy year. As recently as April, the company announced a new virtual reality function that enabled intuitive BIM access to even the most novice stakeholders. This Fall, they announced a partnership with Bryden Wood architects to develop a 4D VR visualization platform for design and construction projects. Today, they are launching that platform.

Compared to a normal 3D model, a 4D model adds the dimension of time. In use, you would generate a timeline of models in your original authoring software, and then play them back in VR to visualize the sequence of construction. 3D Repo argues that this process will help teams to play out different scenarios for all stakeholders, and analyze the outcome.

See the video below for a playful demonstration of 4D VR BIM:

According to Phil Langley, Director of Digital Delivery at Bryden Wood, “once a design or construction project is underway, the sequence of construction steps required to assemble it is one of the most important factors to be considered.”

“By providing an accessible, easy to use 4D VR solution,” he continued, “we can help save valuable time when it comes to sharing information for decision making.”

The platform is compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. 3D Repo says it is working on improvements including direct web access, and easier integration with planning and 4D software. The platform has been released as a Bryden Wood digital product powered by 3D Repo.

For more information, see 3D Repo’s website.


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