Dot3D Scan captures 3d data with a $150 Intel RealSense depth camera


These days, very few 3D tech vendors want to stake their businesses on hardware. The changes in scanning technology are simply coming too fast, and the sensors are becoming commodities. That’s why vendors like DotProduct create software solutions that can adapt to use any capture hardware they choose.

To that end, the company has announced the latest version of its Dot3D alongside the new application Dot3D Scan, which can capture and process 3D data in real time using Intel RealSense D400-Series depth cameras. DotProduct says that these sensors will open up new workflows for users, since they use stereo vision and don’t show any of the same sunlight-based limitations that infrared sensors do.

DotProduct’s software currently supports the D415, D435, and D410, and will support more sensors as they become available. These sensors are inexpensive compared to traditional scanning hardware. The D415 and D435 are available on Intel’s website at a price of $150 and $200, respectively.

The software is also slated to work with certain ruggedized tablets sporting the Intel RealSense cameras, including those from DT Research, MobileDemand, and Panasonic. DotProduct says that Microsoft Surface tablets will also work for “less demanding environments.”

Dot3D Scan will start at $245 a year and offer unlimited scans of projects up to 20 million points. DotProduct says it will add capture of larger scenes and professional features like survey control later in the year.

For more information, or to download a demo, see DotProduct’s website.


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