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Diversified Communications also produces business-to-business expositions for the commercial 3D technology, LiDAR, geospatial, UAV/UAS industries. 

SPAR 3D Expo & Conference
spar3d_expo_rgb_horizApril 11-14, 2016
The Woodlands, TX

For close to two decades, SPAR 3D Expo & Conference has been the premier international event for the application of 3D technology in industry. The surge in 3D innovation and commercial growth is literally changing the way professionals work across multiple industries, from AEC to asset management, mapping to manufacturing, insurance to infrastructure, process to power, civil engineering to surveying, and more. Conference content covers 3D technologies from input to output, including 3D sensing, 3D processing & 3D visualization tools. 

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Commercial UAV Expo
UAV ExpoOctober 31 - November 2, 2016
Las Vegas, NV


Commercial UAV Expo is a conference and exhibition exclusively focused on the commercial drone market for Surveying & Mapping; Civil Infrastructure; Process, Power & Utilities; Mining; Construction; Law Enforcement, Emergency Response & Search and Rescue (SAR); and Precision Agriculture.

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International LiDAR Mapping Forum
ILMFFebruary 13-15, 2017
Denver, CO


International LiDAR Mapping Forum is a technical conference and exhibition showcasing the latest airborne, terrestrial and underwater LiDAR as well as emerging remote-sensing and data collection tools and technologies.

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SPAR Japan
SPAR JapanJune 14-15, 2017
Kawasaki, Japan

Additional events organized by Mr. Koji Kawamura of SPAR Japan include the Plant 3D Capturing Forum and the UAV Application Forum, both held in Japan.

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