This is Not a Game! (Or: Why 3D Models & Video Games are a Perfect Match)


Press Start

Much of my childhood was spent immersed in video games. I spent hours upon hours enjoying all types of games on Nintendo, Sega, and Super Nintendo. Admitting this may show my age, but I know that we all can relate to some era of gaming in which we have spent time (significant amounts of time for some of us!) engaged in the exploration of a world that was created for our entertainment. And I’m sure many of us still do today. My own escapes into the simple bliss of video games have led me to wonder if and how we could make our world of scanning just as captivating and pleasurable.

Nintendo ControllerSome time ago Sean Higgins and I started talking ab­­­­out game engines, specifically some of the testing work I had done with the Unity gaming engine with our scan data and 3D models. He introduced Stingray to me, and since then we have been playing with it in an attempt to see what we could accomplish.

[Editor: read through to the end for a collection of videos demonstrating Coco’s final–and impressive–results.]

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  1. Thank you for the article.
    There are software allowing collision detection between avatars and point clouds, even in massive data set (billions points). Splatting points in their plane should also be implemented. Best to see some hardware functions in the graphic card to do that because it is time consuming.

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